Brandy and Mike's Adoption Journey

Brandy and Mike's Adoption Journey

Confused in Ottawa

on April 2, 2014

Ugh so its with major confusion I write this post, today has been sort of a downer on our adoption #2. After chatting with our agency/licensee I am left feeling even more hopeless than I have felt during the whole wait thus far 😦 Adoption numbers have dramatically dropped and so there are many families waiting and the wait seems to be longer and longer, some people never get lucky enough to be chosen. We know this, its just how adoption works. Somewhere deep down I have a feeling we will be those people that dont get chosen. I have days of sadness and where I really let my negative thoughts take over, but today I just feel its not my worrying, its reality. We  may not be able to have a sibling for Brooklyn. Reality. It sucks not being able to do anything about it to be honest. People just say “Well adopt internationally”……thats not an easy solution either. Many countries take years and years of paperwork and even moving to the country for months at a time, something that is very difficult when you have jobs and a little one.

So I dont know what the best path for our family is…….do we keep waiting? Do we try international? Its all so depressing at the moment. I wish with all my heart this was something I could “fix” but it isnt. It is what it is……..



One response to “Confused in Ottawa

  1. peggy says:

    Don’t give up hope.I will be praying for your family and that you will soon be blessed with A brother or sister for Brooklyn.Love you guys lots…..Peggy

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Brandy and Mike's Adoption Journey

Brandy and Mike's Adoption Journey

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