Brandy and Mike's Adoption Journey

Brandy and Mike's Adoption Journey

Holiday’s and Sickness

on December 9, 2013

Yet again another post talking about being sick, lol, I know, I know, its probably getting old 😛 As some of you know Brooklyn had pink eye 2 weeks ago, then last week I got a severe case of bronchitis. And then Mike came down with a cold too, hooray. Needless to say our house hasnt been much fun for the past 2 weeks! But we’re starting a new week tomorrow and I think we’re starting to get better around here, thank god!! There were some days I thought I was going to go crazy from being tired, coughing, pain and trying to entertain a cranky, sick toddler, lol. On to better things………

So we’re still waiting for a match with adoption 2, I was feeling a bit discouraged in November for some reason, just kind of felt like we’d never get there blah blah blah. But lately I find myself thinking its closer than we know. My fingers are still crossed we will meet the right birthmom for us before Christmas 🙂 We’re really working on getting Brooklyn’s big girl room finished so we can work on re doing the nursery for new baby. One of the agencies we’re working with posted a mini profile of our family on their website, here’s the link: Not every family with the does an online profile but it cant hurt right? Maybe the right girl will find us there. 

Christmas is right around the corner!! Sadly I missed a couple parties thanks to my sickness 😦 And my friends know how I love Christmas parties and getting all dressed up….so I was pretty bummed out! But next weekend we’re hosting our annual Christmas before Christmas with Robynn (Brooklyn’s birthmom) and her family. So thats exciting! We also are going to a family movie night this week with Mike’s company, it will be Brooklyn’s first movie…..pretty sure shes just going to like the fact she’s watching a cartoon and eating popcorn, lol. We’re both excited this year because Brooklyn will understand Christmas so much more than last year (shes gonna LOVE her train set and pink kitchen hehe). 

Thats about all for now! Hopefully next post from us will have more adoption news 😉

Cheers, Brandy & Mike


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Brandy and Mike's Adoption Journey

Brandy and Mike's Adoption Journey

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