Brandy and Mike's Adoption Journey

Brandy and Mike's Adoption Journey

Christmas is coming!!!

on December 10, 2011

So wow, I just realized I hadnt wrote anything on this blog in weeks! I have just been busy with work, christmas, and life in general. As of this weekend I will be 100% ready for Christmas…… mailed, gifts mailed, gifts for Mike bought and wrapped, cookies baked, house decorated, the whole thing!! This year I decided we should trim the outside of the house in pink lights! It looks awesome, we have a pink light up flamingo and a light up palm tree too!! I love driving home after work and seeing the house lit up in pink, its wicked!

On the adoption front, there’s still nothing new, just the waiting game. All I am wishing for for Christmas is to be chosen by a birthmom! I know thats a big thing to ask, and no one can really deliver but it would be incredible to be chosen 🙂 What a great gift that would be.

We plan on finishing the nursery early in the new year. We have all the furniture set up etc, we just need to finish decorating and buying a few little things. We want to have it already so its not a huge rush once there is a match.

Well thats it for now, sorry there’s not to much to update! I’ll try to be more conscientious about updating the blog as well 😉 Ciao for now………

❤ Brandy


One response to “Christmas is coming!!!

  1. Jenna says:

    Oooh I wanna see the nursery! I love baby rooms!

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Brandy and Mike's Adoption Journey

Brandy and Mike's Adoption Journey

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