Brandy and Mike's Adoption Journey

Brandy and Mike's Adoption Journey

Confused in Ottawa

Ugh so its with major confusion I write this post, today has been sort of a downer on our adoption #2. After chatting with our agency/licensee I am left feeling even more hopeless than I have felt during the whole wait thus far 😦 Adoption numbers have dramatically dropped and so there are many families waiting and the wait seems to be longer and longer, some people never get lucky enough to be chosen. We know this, its just how adoption works. Somewhere deep down I have a feeling we will be those people that dont get chosen. I have days of sadness and where I really let my negative thoughts take over, but today I just feel its not my worrying, its reality. We  may not be able to have a sibling for Brooklyn. Reality. It sucks not being able to do anything about it to be honest. People just say “Well adopt internationally”……thats not an easy solution either. Many countries take years and years of paperwork and even moving to the country for months at a time, something that is very difficult when you have jobs and a little one.

So I dont know what the best path for our family is…….do we keep waiting? Do we try international? Its all so depressing at the moment. I wish with all my heart this was something I could “fix” but it isnt. It is what it is……..


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Holiday’s and Sickness

Yet again another post talking about being sick, lol, I know, I know, its probably getting old 😛 As some of you know Brooklyn had pink eye 2 weeks ago, then last week I got a severe case of bronchitis. And then Mike came down with a cold too, hooray. Needless to say our house hasnt been much fun for the past 2 weeks! But we’re starting a new week tomorrow and I think we’re starting to get better around here, thank god!! There were some days I thought I was going to go crazy from being tired, coughing, pain and trying to entertain a cranky, sick toddler, lol. On to better things………

So we’re still waiting for a match with adoption 2, I was feeling a bit discouraged in November for some reason, just kind of felt like we’d never get there blah blah blah. But lately I find myself thinking its closer than we know. My fingers are still crossed we will meet the right birthmom for us before Christmas 🙂 We’re really working on getting Brooklyn’s big girl room finished so we can work on re doing the nursery for new baby. One of the agencies we’re working with posted a mini profile of our family on their website, here’s the link: Not every family with the does an online profile but it cant hurt right? Maybe the right girl will find us there. 

Christmas is right around the corner!! Sadly I missed a couple parties thanks to my sickness 😦 And my friends know how I love Christmas parties and getting all dressed up….so I was pretty bummed out! But next weekend we’re hosting our annual Christmas before Christmas with Robynn (Brooklyn’s birthmom) and her family. So thats exciting! We also are going to a family movie night this week with Mike’s company, it will be Brooklyn’s first movie…..pretty sure shes just going to like the fact she’s watching a cartoon and eating popcorn, lol. We’re both excited this year because Brooklyn will understand Christmas so much more than last year (shes gonna LOVE her train set and pink kitchen hehe). 

Thats about all for now! Hopefully next post from us will have more adoption news 😉

Cheers, Brandy & Mike

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Sickness and Sunshine

So I have been meaning to write a new post for a couple weeks but as some of you know the flu, a cold, and a stomach bug all kind of hit our house at once and its been taking forever for us to get better and even longer to just catch up on things! But finally tonight I have most of my energy back and have an exciting thing to write about! On Monday morning my best friend Amanda delivered her new baby girl, Vienna!! Congrats to Amanda, Matt and big brother Landon 🙂 Vienna is so tiny and so sweet she is a ray of sweet sunshine in whats been a miserable couple weeks! Even though Brooklyn is only 21 months old I cant believe how fast they grow and how big they get!! Baby Vienna reminded me just how small and newborn babies actually are because you forget when your around a toddler all the time. She makes me so excited for when we are lucky enough to be welcoming “our” new baby whenever that may happen 🙂 

Baby Vienna- Welcome to the world baby girl, your in for a life full of fun and crazy good times and lots of people who love you to pieces. We’re lucky to be in your life and look forward to sharing lots of special memories with you in the future! xoxo


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Giving Thanks on Thanskgiving

Since its thanksgiving and everyone online is facebooking and tweeting all the things they’re thankful for I figured I should write a new blog post…..we have lots to be thankful for thats for sure! 

We’re thankful for our families, even though we live far apart, we talk all the time and video chat. Both of our families rock, they are always supportive and amazing! We’re luck to have had so much support from them with both adoptions, they accepted our choice and have fully embraced Brooklyn and we know they will with future baby too 🙂

We’re thankful for Brooklyn’s birthmom and her decision to let us into her life and for making us parents. This girl (and her whole family) are great! We’ve gained so much with them in our lives. Its like having a whole other family to spend time with and have fun. 

We’re thankful for Brooklyn, she has brought us immeasurable happiness! Watching her grow and  learn new things is wonderful and we couldnt be happier. She is truly a sweetheart and makes everyone around her smile 🙂

We’re thankful for all our friends who have done so much for us over the years from helping us with Brooklyn, helping us move, celebrate holidays, help us fund raise, and much more! 

We love you all and thanks for the support! 


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This time around?

I’ve been trying to write a new post for a couple days but nothing specific was coming to me so I decided to read some articles and see if anything could get me writing. The article I chose is from Adoptive Families (it can be found here, Its called Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda. Its basically about what new adoptive parents wish they had to done before, and things they were grateful that they did do before the big day came for them to bring their new child home. So below is my version of what I’ve learned from going through the process once already and a bit of what Im feeling toward the future adoption 🙂

Im glad…..

-We had the nursery pretty much ready….we had it painted and all the furniture etc ready so all we had to do was add some girly colors in and buy bedding etc. (This time we have done basically the same thing, neutral pale green room so we can decorate for a boy or girl, and we will finish it once we get a match).

-We had future adoption experience with my sister being a birthmom and having an open adoption with her son. This let us know how awesome and amazing adoption can be and we knew thats what we wanted, and we’re hoping for again with new baby. We love Brooklyn’s birth family and couldnt be happier that we were chosen by such amazing people!

-Our families, friends, co-workers, everyone basically was so super supportive! Our families and friends came to visit and brought Brooklyn tons of wonderful gifts, my  co-workers put together a great baby shower (very last minute because we only had 3 weeks from the match until Brooklyn was born), Mike’s co-workers gave us an amazing gift of tons of home cooked frozen meals from a local company. That was all so appreciated and very helpful 🙂


What I’m Planning On Doing Different This Time…..

-Investing in a better baby carrier!! Last time I only got a sling, it was hard to wear and Brooklyn didnt seem comfortable in it. I think the key is to find a good carrier that works for you and the baby. This time Im going to use the borrowing plan that Belly Laugh’s store has so I can find the right carrier since it will be easier to manage a toddler and a newborn out in public 😉

-Not over buying on clothes!!! Last time I found we bought way to much for each age range and we didnt get to wear all the outfits. This time I’d rather just buy a bunch of good quality outfits and make sure he/she gets to wear them all.

-Not falling for all the gimmick type things they advertise parents “need” (ie. baby bath tub, wipes warmer, bottle warmer, fancy diaper bag, etc.)


Im sure there’s more I could think of but to be honest thats the main stuff……and not gonna lie Austin Powers the Spy Who Shagged Me just came on tv and who would want to miss this classic 😉



We’re back!! Adoption version 2.0

So we’re back to the adoption game! (As well as being back to blogging thanks to a friend suggesting I should haha). Since we originally started our journey to start a family we always thought we would be a one kid kind of house hold……turns out we’re awesome at this parenting gig and wanna do it again 😀 Haha! Honestly life has been so much fun since having Brooklyn in our lives. We cant wait to add to our family and see Brooklyn become a big sister (she is gonna be awesome for new baby). I personally never thought we would be doing this all over again but Im so excited and cant wait for this journey. 

This is just a short post to announce we’re back to blogging and back to being waiting parents! Here’s to a hopefully short wait and that we get picked by an amazing birthmom like the first time 🙂 Bring it on!!!

❤ Brandy


Busy busy mommy life…..

So today I realized I have blogged in weeks!!! We have been busy with family visiting, first my mom and sister, then Mike’s mom and dad came to visit. Also just trying to enjoy every moment possible with Brooklyn, she is growing so fast I cant keep up!! Putting away clothes  that she out grows is so sad, I hate that shes growing this fast…..cant she stay little just a little longer?!?!?!? But at the same time, shes growing into some really really cute outfits and she is so alert and starting to grab onto things and reach for us, its amazing how she changes from day to day. Life is so wonderful with Brooklyn here, she is such a special baby.

Other fun news…..we are going to start baby and mommy swimming classes at the end of March with our friends Amanda and baby Landon. (Landon is the cutest little guy!! He and Brooklyn are a month apart in age but are almost the same size, they are so cute together!!) Also our friends Raechel and AJ had their little baby boy Kai last week! When we went to visit I couldnt even remember Brooklyn ever being that small…..but she was!! So heads up Rae & AJ- he will get really big really soon 😛

Also I am taking Brooklyn to the movies for the first time on Thursday (ok, well its not for her, its really a mommy movie date with Amanda and bab Landon…..but theaters now a days are so awesome they have mommy n baby movies on Thursday’s at 1pm, so the sound is a bit lower, theres a change table and we can bring strollers…..awesome!). So Im looking forward to that 🙂 I am also really looking forward to the nice weather and warm months so we can get out and go to parks, go for walks and enjoy the outdoors!

Thats about it for now, just wanted to let people know I havent totally forgotten about blogging….I just need wayyyyyyyyyy more reminders to do things these days 😉

-Brandy & Brooklyn

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Being with Brooklyn <3

So Brooklyn has only been home since Saturday, but as of today she is 1 week old!! Its hard to believe, on one hand I cant believe its been a week since she was born, on the other it feels like she’s been with us forever.  We have been enjoying her so much. She is so alert, calm, happy, content, sweet and special little baby. She has just been such a joy! I adore just holding her and watching her, during feedings she looks you in the eyes and is very alert. Most of her little outfits are still big on her, shes so small and sweet. We are all getting enough sleep, its been awesome, we are very lucky! I think she takes after her birthmom, Robynn is so calm and laid back!!! I think she passed that onto baby Brooklyn 🙂 These first 2 weeks home will be pretty easy because Mike is home with us, so we can both make sure everything gets done, we’re staying on top of everything. The real test for me will be when Mike goes back to work! But it will be fine, each day we get better and better at figuring her out and what she needs and learning more efficient ways to do things. So far parenting has been the biggest joy of our lives! Thats it for now, Im sure there will be plenty of things to write as Brooklyn grows and we grow as parents ❤


Baby Brooklyn Ann Mallinson is home!! Here’s our story………

So since I didnt want to post anything until after she was born I will start at the beginning and tell you all how this all came to me. It is truly a wonderful adoption story…..

December 22nd, I was at the gym with my trainer and left my phone in the locker room (a phone Ive been carrying for months while waiting for an adoption call), so Mike got a call from our adoption agency that there was a birthmom who had viewed our profile and wanted to meet us! When Mike finally got a hold of me, I was sooooooo excited!! I was shaking and crying, and this was just knowing she wanted to meet us! What a great Christmas gift! We were both so nervous for the 5 days leading up to the meeting, it was going to be on the 27th. That morning we were excited/nervous/scared, etc. pretty much everything you can imagine. At the meeting we met birthmom Robynn and birthfather Tanner, as well as her mom, step dad, and Tanner’s girlfriend. Everyone was so nice! We instantly felt so connected to all of them, we have lots in common. Robynn told us some of the things she loved about our profile were our love of Senators Hockey, love of Nova Scotia, being close with our families, amongst others. Robynn and Tanner were given a couple days to think about if they wanted to view more profiles or not but they declined right away, we were over the moon happy!!! Robynn had also told us she was having a baby girl….omg a baby girl!!! The next few weeks we had another meeting where we exchanged contact info and signed more paperwork. Me and Mike bought lots of pink and worked quickly to finish her room, pick a name, and prepare for Brooklyn’s arrival. We chose to name her Brooklyn and Robynn suggested Ann as her middle name in honor of her late grandmother, we loved that request! Robynn was still unsure if she wanted us at the hospital, we would of respected her decision either way, but 2 days before she was to be induced Robynn told the agency that she wanted us there!!!!!!! We were so grateful 🙂 So on the day Robynn went into the hospital on Thursday, Januar 19th at 8am, we were called at 3pm, and we spent the afternoon and evening in the waiting room with her family, who instantly have felt like family all through the process. Then at roughly 8pm her step father came to get us and bring us to see Robynn and Brooklyn. It was love at first sight for both of us! Brooklyn was so tiny, sweet and perfect. She was calm and alert and made the cutest little sounds. After we left that night it was so hard to sleep, I wanted to be with the baby! Friday I went in to spend the day with Robynn and Brooklyn, it was a great day. Robynn and I chatted most of the day and told each other lots of stories, things about our family, how the adoption happened from each of our sides, it was truly wonderful. That evening Tanner came by and got to hold Brookyln and feed her as well, I was glad we got to see him as well. We look forward to the future with Robynn, her family and Tanner. Brooklyn is very loved and will have a great life! Its hard to condense everything thats happened in the past few weeks into a few paragraphs. If anyone has questions to or any of those involved has anything to add please comment 🙂


Christmas is coming!!!

So wow, I just realized I hadnt wrote anything on this blog in weeks! I have just been busy with work, christmas, and life in general. As of this weekend I will be 100% ready for Christmas…… mailed, gifts mailed, gifts for Mike bought and wrapped, cookies baked, house decorated, the whole thing!! This year I decided we should trim the outside of the house in pink lights! It looks awesome, we have a pink light up flamingo and a light up palm tree too!! I love driving home after work and seeing the house lit up in pink, its wicked!

On the adoption front, there’s still nothing new, just the waiting game. All I am wishing for for Christmas is to be chosen by a birthmom! I know thats a big thing to ask, and no one can really deliver but it would be incredible to be chosen 🙂 What a great gift that would be.

We plan on finishing the nursery early in the new year. We have all the furniture set up etc, we just need to finish decorating and buying a few little things. We want to have it already so its not a huge rush once there is a match.

Well thats it for now, sorry there’s not to much to update! I’ll try to be more conscientious about updating the blog as well 😉 Ciao for now………

❤ Brandy

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Brandy and Mike's Adoption Journey

Brandy and Mike's Adoption Journey